Arjun Kar

Genre: Folk-rock, Singer-songwriter

Location: Habra, India

Years Active: 2009 to Present


Arjun is a singer-songwriter living in Habra, 45 kms away from Kolkata. He started writing songs in English from 2014 and is deeply influenced by Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Harry Belafonte and other stalwarts of the American Folk-Rock generation. According to him, he composes his Originals for the people. That is why he refers to his music as "People's Music" or "Pro-People Music".


Arjun also writes in Bangla and believes that Mohiner Ghoraguli, Anjan Dutt, Arunendu Das and others have had influences on his songwriting. He believes that people are not paying enough attention to what they should, which irritates him to no end. But he acknowledges the fact that "Change is Possible" and he is all gung-ho about contributing to this "change".



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