Genre: Folk-rock, Indie, Singer-songwriter

Location: Kolkata, India

Years Active: 2005 to Present


Durjoy started taking music seriously since 2004 and it was from then that he started writing and composing his own songs. His only accompaniment at that time was his guitar, on which he could play only a handful of chords. Being overtly influenced by the songs of Bob Dylan, he took up the harmonica as his second instrument, and started playing both simultaneously, doing that ‘one-man band act’.


Durjoy learned playing the guitar from one of the ace guitar players of the country, Mr. Amyt Datta, for a span of two years. As a matter of fact, everything to him was a teacher: the poems of Lorca, the paintings of Van Gogh, the whims of Beethoven, the revenge of Bob Dylan, the romance of Leo Cohen, the madness of BB King, the whistle of the train, the unending hills, the ever existing seas and all the faces that he came across as he traveled across the country --- everything taught him the music of life.


He sometimes refers to the fact that he is more of a poet than a singer. He has over eighty originals, most of which are yet unreleased, to his name and is the front-man of the band “Bee & the Buskers”.

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