Fickle Freelancers

Genre: Rock 'n' Roll

Location: Kolkata, India

Years Active: 2016 to Present


Debayani Sen, Ritajit Raychaudhuri,

Rahul Ganguly, Titash Chakrabarti


"Fickle Freelancers", the name is really an epiphany to them. The tectonic, cataclysmic, technological, neo-liberal, cyberpunk generation of the second decade of the 21st century has brought out new dimensions to interactions. The four piece band considers themselves to be a testimony to that. According to them, they are 'randomly assembled' or the 'in-betweens'.


Titash, in between trekking, birding, teaching, teaching music in school and being part of a non-profit start-up, is absolutely in love with singing and rhythm. Debayani, in between mental health, animal welfare, social activism and research and workshops, feels that singing and jamming is a necessity to unwind and to express. Ritajit, in between films and color, thinks that music is always a second filter to the whole picture. And Rahul, in between litigation and dealing with the lawful and the unlawful, treats music as a campaign and a protest that shoves in. Nothing about them is common and they consider music as an ethereal ritualistic game.



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