‘Friday Night Originals’ or ‘FNO’ is a venture of A432 Productions, for the upliftment of Original and Independent music and its practices. It is a platform for musicians/songwriters/bands to showcase and promote their original compositions, which are recorded, shot and produced by the FNO team and are aired to a global audience through their YouTube channel, “Friday Night Originals”, since March 2016. The main programme of ‘Friday Night Originals’ is produced in terms of Seasons, which are divided into 16 episodes. Presently, FNO is broadcasting its 2nd Season and has got a huge response, not only from the musical community of Kolkata, but also from cities like Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Siliguri etc.


Each artist/songwriters/bands, who qualifies to be featured in the programme, has to perform an original song/musical piece that is recorded and shot live in a recording studio. Our primary motto is not only to promote well known and established acts, but also to explore and give a chance to the newcomers in the music industry, but of course who’s song/musical piece contained originality and had an aesthetic value in terms of lyrics and music, from the perspective of the independent music scene. In the first season, we featured newcomers like Projjwal Bhattacharya, Abhishu Rakshit, Ayan Guha etc. beside the experienced musicians like Neel Adhikari, Rahul Guha Roy, The Bodhisattwa Trio etc. In the first season, we also featured songwriters/artists/bands from outside Kolkata, like Armeen Musa from Dhaka, Bangladesh and Namrata Nath from Delhi, Tanishq Arya from Chennai, Ityadi from Siliguri and Surjo from Jamshedpur.


The second season featured 16 more artists, through demos and through invitation (for the senior musicians/artists/songwriters). In this season also, we are featuring artists from outside Kolkata, with a couple of artists/songwriters selected from Mumbai, a band selected from Pune, a duo selected from Darjeeling, through demos and Nikhita Gandhi, from Chennai, on invitation.


Our USP - Our priority is the maintenance of a high quality audio and video production and we want the artist to take home a proper studio single along with a professional live video.

What is FNO?

How did it all begin?

It all started when Abhibroto offered to record Durjoy's songs, when the latter replied, "Why would you like to record me when you have the whole city to record?" This statement alone started off the documentation and the archiving of Original and Independent music, which went beyond the boundaries of genre, language and experience of the artists. Durjoy and Abhibroto formed the bootstrapped company along with Ayan, who soon parted with the two on personal grounds. In just a year and a half, FNO grew to a eight member team, involving three core members, Durjoy, Abhibroto and Shubham, who joined as the business analyst; four volunteering videographers Anushree, Aditya, Harsh and Budhaprabha; and Paurav, the PR and Promotions manager. They have already recorded 36 musical acts, from Kolkata and beyond, over two successful seasons of 16 episodes each and a 4 episode special series, under the branding of FNO BlooperHouse Stories. They plan to release their third season on the 1st of September, 2017 (the first Friday of September '17).

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