Genre: Indie, Progressive Rock

Location: Siliguri, India

Years Active: 2011 to Present


Madhukar Pradhan,

Nugen Tshering Sherpa



MadNug is a duo from Siliguri, formed in late 2014. According to Nugen, they do a lot of experiments with their songs, influenced mainly by genre's like Hip Hop, Rap, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Pop, Pop Jazz and Hard rock. MadNug has a sound which can be categorised as something that's out of the box. Their idea is to create music taking the things around them. Hence their lyrics are inspired by the things that they have gone through. Nugen states, "It's our story in every song we make. Even if it's a love song or a song about the place we grew up we want people to imagine themselves in our situation and feel every sound, note and the things we went through. MadNug isn't just about 2 people. It's about all those people who are with them. It's more like a family. They want to reach out to those people who have faced difficulties while growing up and tell them that no one gets to decide who they are, what they are going to do and what they are going to become.


The duo was accompanied by Bijit Bhattacharya, on bass, for their session at Friday Night Originals.

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