Neel Sarkar Project

Genre: Experimental Jazz, World

Location: Kolkata, India

Years Active: 2013 to Present


Neel Sarkar, Pritam Sengupta, Andrew Kay,

Pierre Antoine Lasnier, Sushruta Goswami


Neel Sarkar Project is an evolving platform for freethinking musicians to collaborate and find musical expression for their thoughts and feelings about everything around them. The main aim of this project is to find new ways for stories to tell by interpreting traditional and classical Indian musical trajectories within an ambient context of global jazz harmonies and rhythmic structures. Drawing from philosophy and poetry besides music, it aims to create a palette that would be a blend of mixed media musical textures and different kinds of genres from all around  the world like latin, pop, flamenco, jazz and so on.


The flexible line-up of musicians attached with this project all believe in NSP as a participatory vehicle to cradle conversations between the musicians' personal articulations of their inner experience through their instruments. While fusion forms the creative principle behind the project, it however resists generic labels and sees itself more as a 'free-form experience' that's open to new paths of experiment with instrumentation and arrangement. It is a journey that invites musicians from all trajectories and genres to come together through a collaborative experience and to come up with new ideas and soundscapes for musical expression with an abiding concern for making 'more music through less instrumentation.'


NSP believes that music is a conversation – “Speak, listen and interact; create and nurture relationships; love and be loved. In an ever-evolving world, make music that can change and renew itself with each passing moment."


Pritam featured beside Neel during their session at Friday Night Originals.

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