Paloma and Adil

Genre: Electronic Mood Music

Location: Kolkata, India

Years Active: 2016 to Present


Paloma Majumdar, Adil Rashid


Palolma and Adil is a duo who make experimental electronic mood music for easy listening. The duo started creating music together since early 2016. When they started, they didn’t have any preconceived notion about the sound except that they wanted to incorporate electronic music with live guitars and pop/jazz vocal melodies. They do not limit themselves with petty barriers of language, genre or type. Paloma and Adil aim at exploring the unison between their thoughts, experiences and energies through their music, and hence they term it as mood music. They try to find that element of music where every song invokes a different feeling so they advise their audience to not come prepared and give way to their senses. Their music combines bits and pieces of who they are so it takes its course accordingly and the music and the creative process are both fun. The duo finds it very difficult to define the specificity of their music but they want it to act as food for the mind, soul and body alike, to establish a synergy between them, to create a space free from the presuppositions that life brings forth.

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