Genre: Pop, Blues, Singer-songwriter

Location: Kolkata, India

Years Active: 2010 to Present


​​Surjo Bhattacharjee is a guitarist/songwriter from the sleepy industrial town of Jamshedpur, India. Growing up in environs of academics and engineers, his growing love for music and the guitar in particular prompted him to walk down the road lesser traversed. As a result, he opted out of a career in the software industry and decided to stay true to his calling.


Heavily influenced by blues legends like SRV and Buddy Guy, his love for the blues has been unflinching and constant despite his flirtations with various genres on the instrument. However, he has never let extensive guitar explorations interfere with the feel of his songs, and that is the biggest lesson he has learnt from the blues greats.


His first single was written and recorded in a whirlwind four days, after seeing the suffering that the Japanese were undergoing on account of the tsunami. The footage of the tsunami overturning life as we know it on it’s head prompted Surjo to write a simple song about what he felt humanity owed itself.


Currently at work on his debut album, which shall be a mixture of guitar and vocal songs, Surjo shall be trying to emote his place in this life through his guitar and voice, in what he hopes to be a very personal album. His hope is to do his own life justice through his music.


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