Projekt: TLQ

Genre: Soul, RnB, Blues, Jazz, Pop

Location: India - Germany

Years Active: 2016 to Present


Tabea Luisa, Bodhisattwa Ghosh,

Premjit Dutta, Bijit Bhattacharya


Project TLQ (Project Tabea Luisa Quartet) is an outcome of the Pop-Kultur Festival 2016 where Premjit Dutta, an excellent drummer from Kolkata, and Tabea Luisa, a Soul, Blues, RnB singer, from South Germany met. In October-November’16, during Tabea Luisa's trip through India they connected again and she spent around a fortnight in Kolkata, during which they did what they had planned about a couple of months ago, while attending the Pop-Kulturfestival in Berlin – making music!


During her stay in Kolkata they spent a lot of time together, jammed, rehearsed and put up a concert on 4th Nov’16 at Jamsteady, with Premjit’s existing Avant Garde Jazz Rock Trio ‘THE BODHISATTWA TRIO’, where they performed as a double bill feature. Following the performance, the four of them recorded Tabea’s first German composition “Nachtträumer” and shot a video of the song for Friday Night Originals, in Kolkata. The whole experience was so overwhelming for all of them, especially Premjit and Tabea that they decided to take it forward and tour in the upcoming year 2017.


Project TLQ is not just a mix of two different cultures and countries, it is also a mix out of Soul, RnB, Jazz and Pop which is written by the Tabea Luisa. To fulfill this spectrum of music the four musicians add their favourite tunes, for example the RnB-vibes from Alicia Keys, the Soul of Joss Stone or the Jazz from Esperanza Spalding. That mixture makes the sound of Project TLQ unique.

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